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Benefits Of SEO 2022

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?



SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It gives strategies to improve the sites with the goal that it can rank well on the Top of the Search Engine Result pages.Our (Practix) SEO Classes contains all subjects of Search Engine Optimization, for example, black and white SEO techniques, how search engine works, SEO statistical surveying, On-Page Optimization strategies, Off-Page Optimization methods, Social Media Optimization,content research, SEO Tools and so on.

Working of an SEO

Bots are used by search engines like Google and Bing to crawl web pages, travelling from site to site and collecting information about them to index. Consider the index to be a massive library where a librarian can pull up a book or a web page to assist you in finding, what you’re looking for at any given time. Then, using hundreds of ranking criteria or indicators, algorithms examine sites in the index to decide the order in which they should show in search engine results page for a given query.

Our SEO accomplishment components can be seen as middle people for parts of the customer experience. It’s the means by which search bots measure exactly how well a webpage or site page can give the searcher what they’re searching for Unlike paid request advancements, you can’t pay web crawlers to get higher regular chase rankings, which infers SEO experts need to contribute the work. That is where we come in. Our Periodic Table of SEO Factors assembles the factors into six basic orders and loads every ward on its overall importance to SEO. For example, content quality and watchword research are key factors of content smoothing out, and crawlability and speed are huge site designing elements. Search algorithms are designed to display relevant and authoritative pages and to provide users with an efficient search experience. Optimizing your Website and content material with those elements can assist your pages rank better in seek results.

SEO|SEM|SMM|SMS Course and Training|Digital Marketing Training In Calicut|Kozhikode|Digital marketing course in calicut

On Page SEO

 Ranking of your pages is in part decided via way of means of on-web page elements. On-web page search engine marketing elements are all of the matters to your internet site which you have an instantaneous have an effect on on. These elements encompass technical aspects (e.g. the excellent of your code and location speed) and content-associated aspects, just like the shape of your internet site or the excellent of the replica to your internet site. These are all important on-web page search engine marketing elements that you could paintings on

 Off Page SEO

 In addition to on-web page search engine marketing elements, your scores also are decided with the aid of using some off-web page search engine marketing elements. These elements encompass hyperlinks from different websites, social media attention, and different advertising sports that appear off of your personal website. Although now no longer impossible, those off-web page search engine marketing elements may be extra tough to affect. The maximum essential of those off-web page elements is the quantity and fine of hyperlinks pointing in the direction of your site. The extra fine, applicable web sites that hyperlink in your website, the better your role in Google will be.

Another off-web page component that performs a function in search engine marketing is your opposition referring to the area of interest of your precise business or organization. In a few niches, it’s far an awful lot tougher to rank than in others. The competitiveness of your marketplace consequently additionally has a chief affect for your possibilities of ranking.

Digital Marketing Training In Calicut|Kozhikode|Digital marketing course calicut

Types Of SEO

SEO is the method involved with upgrading a site (making a site easy and clear for search engines and clients) for improving the natural traffic. The search engines like Google have given a few rules that one needs to keep while upgrading a site. Assuming that the SEO is done as per the rules, it is called White Hat SEO, and assuming it is managed without keeping the rules, it is called Black Hat SEO. Thus, So we can say that there are 2 types of SEO:

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO:

It refers to the SEO methods which are as per the SEO rules set by the search engines. It implies it utilizes approves search engine optimization procedures to work on the positioning of a site on search engine results pages (SERP).

Not at all like Black Hat SEO, it generally centers around the human crowd rather than a search engine. Individuals who are searching for long haul venture on their sites depend on white hat SEO strategies. Main Examples of White Hat SEO are quality Content, Internal Linking, social media marketing, Google Ads, site optimization, etc.

Digital Marketing Training In Calicut|Kozhikode|Digital marketing course calicut

Black Hat SEO:

Digital Marketing Training In Calicut|Kozhikode|Digital marketing course calicut

It says about the SEO methods which are not as per the SEO rules set by the search engines. These methods exploit the shortcomings in search engines to get higher rankings for sites on the search engine results pages (SERP).

It basically centers around search engines and not on the human readers. Individuals who are looking for a speedy monetary profit from their site rather than a big timeinvestment utilize black hat SEO procedures.

In some cases, it might give speedy outcomes, But it gives good results for short time, and over the long run it will have a contrary impact, e.g., it might minimize your positioning and get you blacklisted via search engines. Instances of Black Hat SEO incorporate keyword stuffing, hiding content, cloaking, thin content, duplicate content, doorway pages, link sachems, etc.

White Hat SEO Techniques

  1. Good  and Clean content
  2. Correct use of title, keywords and metatags
  3. Ease of Navigation
  4. Site Performance
  5. Quality Backlinks Links
  6. Mobile Friendliness

These are the main White Hat Techniques.

Good  and Clean content

A Unique and good Content helps your site to show up more dependable and important to search engines and human readers. It improves your site for search engines, which assists you with getting higher positioning on the search engine postings as search engines offer the most fitting site to the end-clients for their search.

Correct use of Title, keywords and metatags

The information contained in the HTML code is known as Metadata. It gives the crawler information about the site for characterization and ordering purposes. Thus, keywords, proper title, and metatag should be incorporated in the metadata.

Ease of Navigation

Search engines think about the simplicity of route while surveying the handiness of a site, so stay away from the unessential links. It isn’t just significant for the clients yet in addition for the crawlers who file the destinations.

Site Performance

Site and page performance is one more major thing considered by search engines to check the websites. The broken links or the inaccessible pages can’t be crawled by crawlers of search engines; a week or even a day of non-performing site or pages can antagonistically influence the site traffic. Along these lines, ensure your site stacks quick and is available constantly.

Quality Backlinks Links

The site should have quality backlinks as search engines regularly evaluate backlinks for their importance. Assuming that a webpage is found to have irrelevant backlinks, it will be limited or punished by the search engine, e.g., a site about Digital Marketing containing a number of links from A Cooking related Website will be degraded by the search engines.

Mobile Friendliness

Mobile-friendliness has turned into a significant SEO factor as Google began stressing portable outcomes starting around 2016. The justification behind this is that there is an enormous expansion in the mobile users perusing content on their cell phones. Thus, ensure you have a mobile-friendly site.


  1. Keyword Stuffing
  2. Hidden Text
  3. Cloaking
  4. Article Spinning
  5. Doorway Pages
  6. Duplicate Content
  7. Page Swapping
  8. URL Hijacking
  9. Improper Use of Snippets
  10. Link Farms

Keyword Stuffing

Search engine analyses the keywords and key expressions on the site pages to index the sites. To take advantage of this component of search engines, some SEO professionals make more keyword density to get a higher positioning, which is viewed as a black hat SEO method. A keyword density between two to four percent is viewed as ideal, expanding keyword density past that will aggravate your perusers and influence your positioning.

Hidden Text

The text which search engines can see however humans can’t is known as hidden text. This method is utilized to fuse insignificant keywords and conceal text or connections to build keyword density or further develop inside link structure. A portion of the ways of concealing text is to set the text dimension to nothing, use CSS to set text off-screen, make the white text on a white foundation, and so on.


It refers to coding website pages so that search engines see one bunch of content, and guests see one more arrangement of content, i.e., a client searching for “Digital Marketing” taps on a search result “Digital Marketing Course cost” and is welcomed with a movement and the travel industry webpage. This training isn’t as per the search engines’ rules, which say to make content for clients not for the search engines.

Article Spinning

It includes modifying a particular article to create its various duplicates so that each duplicate resembles another article. The content of such articles is tedious, inadequately composed, and has low incentive for the guests. In this strategy, such articles are consistently transferred to make the deception of new articles.

Doorway Pages

The ineffectively composed pages which are rich in keywords, however, don’t contain applicable information and spotlight on the connections to divert clients to a random page are called entryway pages. These pages are utilized by black hat SEO experts to give client traffic to unrelated sites.

Duplicate Content

It Means A content Copied From Another Website is Called Duplicate Content . It will negatively affect our Page Rankings .

Page Swapping

In this strategy, first, you get the page filed and positioned on Search Engine postings, then, at that point, you change the substance of the page totally. For this situation, the client is redirected to an alternate page when they click on an outcome in the SERP.

URL Hijacking

Here, a domain name that is an incorrectly spelled adaptation of a famous site or a contender’s site is enlisted trying to deceive the guests. For instance, may delude clients who need to visit

Improper Use of Snippets

In this black hat seo strategy, the scraps which are not applicable to your webpage or page are utilized to direct people to a site. For instance, utilizing an audit scrap in any event, when your page has a solitary survey.

Link Farms

A link farm is a site or assortment of sites planned to build the link prevalence of a site by expanding the quantity of approaching links. It is viewed as black hat seo as link farms’ destinations have inferior quality and immaterial substance.

SEO course/training in calicut

Practix Calicut provides real-time and placement-focused SEO Course training in Calicut/Kozhikode. Our SEO (search engine optimization) / digital marketing course contains basic to High level and our SEO course is prepared to get the placement in great companies in Calicut/Kozhikode as fast as once you finish the SEO certification training course. Our SEO teachers are search engine optimization / digital marketing certified professionals and 5 years experienced working experts with hands-on real-time numerous SEO projects knowledge. 

We have designed our SEO training course content and syllabus related to students’ requirements to achieve everyone’s career dream. The topics covered in placement ensured SEO course in Calicut contains Overview of Search Engine Optimization, Keywords:  Content Optimization- Technical SEO, The Foundation of SEO, Content Optimization, Long-Term Content Planning, Link Building Basics, Building Links, The Link Game, Measuring SEO Effectiveness and SEO for eCommerce, Local Search, and International SEO.

Practix Calicut offers SEO training with a choice of multiple training locations across Calicut. Our  SEO(search engine optimization) / digital marketing training centers are prepared with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. We have the best SEO(search engine optimization) and digital marketing training institute and also provide SEO certification training paths for our trainees in Calicut. 

SEO training course content and Syllabus in Calicut

Overview of Search Engine Optimization:

  • What is search engine optimization (SEO)?
  • Reading a SERP(search engine results page)
  • How SEO affects your Enterprise
  • Making SEO expectations
SEO|SEM|SMM|SMS Course and Training|Digital Marketing Training In Calicut|Kozhikode|Digital marketing course in calicut

Keywords: The Foundation of SEO(Search Engine Optimizaton):

  • Importance of a
  • keyword research plan
  • How can we research keywords
  • Tools that help you analyze keyword
  • Understanding
  • keyword attributes
  • Understanding keyword distribution
  • Continued keyword evaluation

Content Optimization

  • Importance of content optimization
  • Optimizing the Content for the site ranking
  • Identifying different types of content
  • Setting textual page elements
  • Setting non-text components of a web page
  • Analyzing content quality and Quantity
  • Exploring the usefulness of user-generated content
SEO|SEM|SMM|SMS Course and Training|Digital Marketing Training In Calicut|Kozhikode|Digital marketing course in calicut

Technical SEO

  • Cracking the code behind web pages (PHP,Html, Wordpess)
  • Knowing how search engines index content in our web pages
  • Study about canonical URLs and redirects
  • Study about with server-side factors
  • Knowing how to use Google Webmaster Tools

Long-Term Content Planning

  • Summary of long-term content strategizing
  • Building a successful content strategy and avoiding common mistakes
  • Determining your audience, topics, angle, and style
  • Knowing different types of content
  • Making ideas for content Writing and Optimising
  • Operating with an editorial calendar
  • Upgrading your content with social media
  • Measuring content implementation

Off Page SEO

  • Study About the importance of Backlinks and
  • Internal Links
  • How the search engine destroyed the web directory
  • How to link analysis revolutionized web search
  • Examining the anatomy of a link
  • Learning what links do for your site
  • Defining Google PageRank
  • Examining at PageRank in practice
  • Analyzing the link
SEO|SEM|SMM|SMS Course and Training|Digital Marketing Training In Calicut|Kozhikode|Digital marketing course in calicut

Building Links

  • Analyzing the two types of links
  • Making internal links
  • Making external links
  • Promoting a “think links” mentality
  • Operating with “local” pages and directory links
  • Reciprocal linking: Is it worth it?
  • Making press releases
  • Operating with article syndication
  • Operating with bloggers
  • Making link bait
  • Exploring social networking links
  • Getting more links
  • Operating with linking software
  • Analyzing Penguin: The new link approach from Google

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